Hello world!

Let me share the news with you, World: I just found myself a lovely little corner within the insanely huge Internet universe.

“Reality Frames”. Why this name? Well, you might be surprised of how often the word “frame” is used in game development. Actually, it’s not so surprising if you think about a video game as being made of single frames. In fact, millions of frames for just some hours of gameplay! What about the reality then, does it have its frames?

I believe it does (don’t mistake me for an obsessed “Matrix” fan… though I’ve got to admit the film is really great!). For me, each day of reality is full of happenings that have a marvelous quality of astonishing me, teaching me something new or call me to action. To each of them I’d like to refer as ‘frame’.

I don’t however intend to populate this what-right-now-looks-like-a-blog solely with my reflections. I’d like to think that at least at some point in the future young game developers will find inspiration as well as some practical advice on various issues in game development on this site. This will become possible along the way of my professional development, but right now there are many experienced practitioners and talented bloggers out there, that can explain things much better than I.

Even though I would anticipate this place to be visited mostly by gamers and game developers (and maybe their families at best: mine said they were already lining up to see the first post! alright xD), I would nonetheless heartily welcome everybody, regardless of their background, who stumbled across my website and took a moment to look around.

This is becoming a really looooong hello now (some might have even started wondering how many lines of code would it take me to write a Get-type function). The truth is, there was something quite unusual that happened last week. This something suddenly gave me all energy, motivation and interesting topics I was looking for to kick off my site. This amazing story is going to be featured in my very first “Frame” post, and well… it’s coming next.

So, World… let’s keep in touch! =)


PS: I would like to thank two of my close friends, to whom I’m very much obliged for their support and ideas in respect to this project. Sara, Thomas, thank you!


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