Hi and thanks for checking out my website!

I am a student at the Game Assembly (TGA) in Malmö, Sweden, graduating in April 2012.

I’ve played video games since I was 11 or so years old. There is no genre in particular that I can call my favorite. I can easily immerse myself for hours into the adorable world of Little Big Planet, or be quickly engaged by a great story of a character like Alan Wake or just have a blast with a few friends in a PvP match.

After 1,5 years devoted to learning the craft of making video games, I can say that I’ve found my life’s true vocation and for me “game developer” is the most exciting profession in the world. The only thing you really regret as a game developer is having only 24 hours in a day. And, trust me, the coolest thing in the world when you realize that you are capable of making video games yourself.

About the Game Assembly and “Game Programming” specialization


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