Project “Raven”

Genre: 3D space shooter

Development period: September 2010 – November 2010 (10 weeks, half-time)

Team: 5 artists, 5 programmers (“Fat Unicorn Games”)


This was a debut project for Fat Unicorn Games as a team. The individual project count for every member was already at five by that time. The project brought many challenges, but evidently got us one step closer to the dream of being capable of developing real video games. In the programmers’ den we were sweating blood over taming DirectX 10 API and extending capabilities of our own 3D-engine built from a scratch. It was worth every single hour spent on it!

As regards the game concept, we drew inspiration from such games as Freelancer and Darkstar One. With three exciting missions, fair level of difficulty and an uncomplicated story “Project Raven” ended up as a visually-appealing and action-packed game after just 10 weeks of development.

My main responsibilities during this project were:

  • AI: enemy and friendly units’ behaviors;
  • 3D collision avoidance system;
  • mission design;
  • other minor tasks (e.g. skybox, target aim, ‘streak’-effect).

Gameplay trailer


coming soon.


will be available soon.


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