River of the Fallen

Genre: Dota

Development period: November 2010 – February 2011 (10 weeks, half-time)

Team: 5 artists, 5 programmers (“Fat Unicorn Games”)

This was our real-time strategy project which spanned over 10 weeks on a half-time basis (in parallel with lectures and course assignments). The game concept was based on DotA-like games and we tried not to stray too much from it. One of the biggest highlights of the project was implementing multiplayer support, which made the game a lot more fun to play. After all, DotA wouldn’t be DotA without the network, would it?

My tasks
For this project, in which I was also acting as project manager, I implemented:

  • Environmental effects and rendering: terrain, water, shadows;
  • Navigation mesh for static collision detection (including a converter from a Maya-generated mesh to a customized format loaded in game);
  • Pathfinder (based on the navigation mesh implementation);
  • In-game camera set-ups.

Gameplay Trailer



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