Genre: interactive fiction, text adventure, noir fiction

Development period: October 2010 – November 2010 (8 weeks, half-time)


  • (artists) Veronica Antonowicz Kipowski, Otto Klevnäs Klang.
  • (programmers) Mårten Möller, Olga Grigoryeva.


Since it was the first school project and we just started learning the ropes of general programming, it was a bit too early to get our hands dirty with real game coding in C++. So instead, in order to get familiar with techniques of running a project that results in a real game (even though a simple one like a text adventure), we used Alan IF as our main and only programming tool and relied on simple concept art to visually enhance the game with still images.

While programming wasn’t a lot of a challenge (Alan is quite simple and intuitive in use), we spent quite some time learning to work as a team and also developing a story.

The game’s plot tells a story of a character who’s trying to figure out the cause of own death by viewing the events of the past and gradually approaching the critical moment to find out the shocking truth.


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