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“River of the Fallen” is featured in ColbyCheeZe Gaming Podcast

Last week our latest finished game project “River of the Fallen” was featured in ColbyCheeZe Gaming Podcast on YouTube

Meanwhile, we’ve crossed the 100 mark on comments on the game’s trailer and gotten over 10,000 views on YouTube. Not bad!


Frame #1 – “First 15 minutes of fame @FUG”

Last week I said I would tell quite a remarkable story of what happened to my project team a little more than a week ago. Well, the hype is officially over now, and everybody at Fat Unicorn Games are back to their established habits and schedules. It seems it’s a good time to reflect a little. So…

…there comes a time after which a game developer begins seeing things differently.

Despite being constantly reminded that games are not developed exclusively for entertainment of the people involved, many beginners tend to make the same mistake. I was no exception. Just some days ago I realized that all this time I’d been oblivious to the fact that there is a huge gaming community out there. In fact, a very active and powerful community, with its own moods, tastes and agendas. As a gamer, I feel quite comfortable with its rites, jargon and habits. But as a game developer I was amused on my very first encounter.

It all began when some guy started a thread on a game forum and posted a YouTube-link to the trailer of our recently finished school project “River of the Fallen” suggesting an [unsuccessful] rip-off.  With many missing the whole point of the game being merely a SCHOOL project, the thread immediately turned into a heated topic that echoed on YouTube with ‘priceless’ comments popping up on a per minute basis. As for us, we were indeed extremely flattered by the fact that our game had been mistaken for a commercial product. We also felt endlessly grateful to those who stood up and expressed their support and even admiration. Comedy and tension aside, for us it was an important lesson of dealing with something we’d never thought of before.

I wasn’t really exaggerating when I wrote in the beginning that one reconsiders his or her attitude after an episode like this. An experienced professional (somebody who has gone through it) would probably treat it as a trivial event. For my part, I can say that nothing is more inspiring in the whole world than knowing that there are people who are looking forward to your creation and ready to support you. Yes, it was the first time I heard a voice of a creator inside me. And for that I would like to thank:

–          good people of Reddit for constructive feedback and invaluable encouragement expressed in their comments,

–           folks of HoN and LoL communities for giving us those “15 minutes”,

–          and everybody who stopped by YouTube or our Facebook page, and took their time to drop a word, good or bad.  Very much appreciated!